More Than You Know

Volume III

생각보다 훨씬 좋아해!

In a kingdom shadowed by looming famine, Arwen, now a vassal of the Severilous dukedom, is drawn into an enigmatic realm of ancient sorcery. When her friend Elvine sends an urgent plea from the foreboding Schreider manor, Arwen embarks on a quest that reveals a series of relics and soul stones, all eerily connected to the royal family’s revered holy secrets.

Amidst this intrigue, Arwen finds herself warding off the persistent advances of Julian Elcanto, a suitor whose motives seem anything but genuine. Yet, these challenges bring unexpected clarity about her tumultuous bond with Shuell.

Dive into the riveting third installment of More Than You Know where mysteries unfold, allegiances are tried, and Arwen’s resolve is tested. She must navigate this intricate web before her destiny—and the country’s future—are consumed by darkness.