More Than You Know

Volume II

생각보다 훨씬 좋아해!

Time with Shuell and Rietta has passed in an instant for Arwen, who has now graduated from the academy. She knows she should be happy but finds herself plagued by fears of abandonment by the family who saved her so many years ago. Though they have only ever been kind, Arwen can’t bring herself to accept that she is truly wanted and makes plans to leave the manor before the Severilous family decides to kick her out. These fears are fueled by her tragic past in another life as an orphan, a truth she has yet to reveal to anyone.

Arwen’s plan to leave comes as a surprise to Shuell and his parents—the young man misunderstands Arwen’s discomfort as a direct response to his attempts to court her. Devastated, he, along with everyone else in the Severilous manor, rallies to assure Arwen of her place among them.

Will their words of love reach Arwen amidst her trauma, or will the perfect family be separated—just as the original plot intended?