More Than You Know

Volume IV

생각보다 훨씬 좋아해!

Arwen Broschte stands on the precipice of a new chapter in her life, but her path is obstructed by Countess Elcanto's looming judgment. Arwen dreads that the countess might hold her accountable for tarnishing her son's reputation, a hurdle she must overcome to secure her place in the esteemed Severilous family.

Meanwhile, Arwen's bond with Shuell deepens, and just as she comes to terms with her newfound feelings, she receives an unexpected invitation to join the House of Schreider.

Now, Arwen must choose between her affection for Shuell and her complicated relationship with Elvine Schreider.

Where will this forked road conclude? Find out in the fourth and final installment of More Than You Know.