More Than You Know

Volume I

생각보다 훨씬 좋아해!

“Please help me.” When a trembling, injured boy makes this desperate plea, the recently transmigrated Arwen can’t turn away. The boy is Shuell Severilous, the male lead in a novel, and Arwen already knows his fate, even though she herself is a nameless figure from its pages.

Determined to save him from his kidnappers and then her own parents, Arwen whisks Shuell back to his home, where Rietta, the female lead, has strangely been adopted by his loving parents. In another turn of events, Arwen is also adopted by the Severilous family, and soon all five live together in a warm and harmonious household when Arwen is doted on by all.

…Until Shuell is no longer a boy but a man. One determined to marry his savior, Arwen. To her, however, his destiny is Rietta, the true female lead, so she rejects him at every turn. Will Arwen be able to fade back into the background, just like in the original novel, or has the plot already changed too much to go back?