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Touch My Brother and You Die: Volume IV

Marriage! Murder! Mayhem! After a dark mage crafts a cursed totem for Crown Prince Theodore, Rosalite is thrust into a whirlwind of intrigue and tasked with keeping him safe while overseeing his political marriage prospects. However, when her top choice, Princess Natalie, is overshadowed by the unexpected arrival of the cheerful but low-ranking Princess Irini, the scene is set for a royal face-off. Soon, Rosalite and company find themselves in the picturesque Vienarre, where they encounter the enigmatic First Imperial Prince Lukius. Together, they must unravel a sinister mystery before another life is lost. But that’s not all—Glen’s mother, Marchioness Melissa Diamont, poses yet another challenge to Rosalite, one that could determine the fate of her own engagement! Can our heroine navigate the treacherous waters of diplomacy and demanding future in-laws? Dive into the fourth installment of Touch My Brother and You Die to find out.
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More Than You Know: Volume IV

Arwen Broschte stands on the precipice of a new chapter in her life, but her path is obstructed by Countess Elcanto's looming judgment. Arwen dreads that the countess might hold her accountable for tarnishing her son's reputation, a hurdle she must overcome to secure her place in the esteemed Severilous family. Meanwhile, Arwen's bond with Shuell deepens, and just as she comes to terms with her newfound feelings, she receives an unexpected invitation to join the House of Schreider. Now, Arwen must choose between her affection for Shuell and her complicated relationship with Elvine Schreider. Where will this forked road conclude? Find out in the fourth and final installment of More Than You Know.
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The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan: Volume IV

When a high school girl is reborn as the villainess of her favorite novel, she steps up to save her beloved main character... but how will her own story end? As Aria's strained relationship with her father culminates in a defining moment at Lady Priscilla's concert, Mary finds herself torn between her own desires and what she believes is the 'destined conclusion.' Mary's heart wrestles with the choice of forging her own path or sticking to the script. The stage is set for a dramatic conclusion, so what awaits the heroine and her biggest fan?
Thursday, August 1, 2024

Touch My Brother and You Die: Volume V

Here comes the bride! Rosalite finds herself juggling her bridal veil with detective work as she delves into a baffling serial murder case, casting suspicion on Jack. Her once unshakeable trust is put to a harrowing test, compelling her and her allies to seek the truth. Meanwhile, an imperial tango competition in the Largole Empire sets the stage for unexpected alliances and rivalries. Rosalite’s graceful steps lead her into a complex dance of politics and power, bringing her closer to Luke and igniting her determination to challenge the notorious Shatel family. Join us as we continue Rosalite’s thrilling saga in the fifth installment of Touch My Brother and You Die.
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Beloved by the Male Lead's Nephew: Volume I

Charlize Lienta's return to the capital with the young boy, Sasha, in tow is shrouded in mystery. Initially mistaken for her own child, Sasha's true identity is known only to Charlize: he is the long-lost imperial prince. With memories of a past life guiding her, Charlize is determined to rectify old mistakes by reconnecting Sasha with his uncle, the formidable Archduke Calix Elluiden—the man she once loved. Navigating the treacherous waters of court politics, however, proves more challenging than anticipated. Charlize finds herself allied with Irian LaFrance, the destined heroine of this tale, while confronting a web of shifting alliances and avoiding deadly threats lurking in the shadows. As Charlize struggles to keep Sasha and Irian safe, the unraveling secrets and shifting loyalties force her to question her choices. Will her efforts stabilize the empire or hasten its collapse?
Tuesday, July 30, 2024

The Emperor Reverses Time: Volume II

Elizabeth gradually finds herself feeling at home in the luxurious surroundings of the imperial palace. Her diaries detail tender exchanges of gifts, enchanting dances at opulent events, and a refreshing seaside retreat, all while her affection for Leonhardt deepens. Meanwhile, Leonhardt grapples with the complexities of a future that is constantly shifting under his feet, dedicating himself to mastering his unique aura. Thrilling sword battles against daring pirates and whimsical escapades fueled by magic color their days. However, they must also contend with the machinations of the avaricious Duke and Duchess. Join us as the love story of the future Emperor and Empress continues in the second installment of The Emperor Reverses Time. Awakening in the innocence of his youth, Leonhardt once again meets his future bride, Elizabeth, and he’s determined to treat her right. With the weight of past memories on his shoulders, he aims to foster a bond built on genuine understanding and love. Yet, Elizabeth’s past is fraught with dark family secrets and pressures that threaten to break her spirit. As the empire watches, Leonhardt and Elizabeth must navigate their love amidst a backdrop of treachery and the heavy burden of past mistakes.
Tuesday, July 30, 2024

The Obsessed Hero and the Villainous Family’s Daughter: Volume IV

Estella and Rodrigo are thrust into the heart of an empire-wide conspiracy, wrongfully accused of treason and rebellion. Together, they embark on a daring quest to vindicate themselves, save their comrades, and avert the imminent downfall of the kingdom they vow to defend. Their plight intensifies when they are confronted by Nathaniel, who entangles them in a conflict with the ancient primordial goddess, Illia. Amidst the looming threat of Veloki's encroaching army, their relationship faces its sternest trial yet. In these desperate times, Estella contemplates revealing to Rodrigo the astonishing truth about their existence. Join Estella and Rodrigo as they battle against dark forces, both external and within, in a quest to save their empire and forge their destiny.
Thursday, August 15, 2024

Are You Crazy?: Volume II

What if your fate was tied to the salvation or destruction of your world? As the Vencroft territory faces catastrophe from the shattered northern guardian stone, Shea's divine identity as a Child of God is revealed. When Eid Vencroft's condition worsens, Shea defies celestial laws to save him for Elia, suffering severe consequences. Desperate to save Shea, Edward sacrifices himself and is erased from the world altogether. Will Shea save her beloved in time? Discover the fate of these star-crossed lovers in the thrilling conclusion of Are You Crazy?