Touch My Brother and You Die

Volume IV

내 동생 건들면 너희는 다 죽은 목숨이다

Marriage! Murder! Mayhem!

After a dark mage crafts a cursed totem for Crown Prince Theodore, Rosalite is thrust into a whirlwind of intrigue and tasked with keeping him safe while overseeing his political marriage prospects. However, when her top choice, Princess Natalie, is overshadowed by the unexpected arrival of the cheerful but low-ranking Princess Irini, the scene is set for a royal face-off.

Soon, Rosalite and company find themselves in the picturesque Vienarre, where they encounter the enigmatic First Imperial Prince Lukius. Together, they must unravel a sinister mystery before another life is lost.

But that’s not all—Glen’s mother, Marchioness Melissa Diamont, poses yet another challenge to Rosalite, one that could determine the fate of her own engagement! Can our heroine navigate the treacherous waters of diplomacy and demanding future in-laws? Dive into the fourth installment of Touch My Brother and You Die to find out.