Touch My Brother and You Die

Volume II

내 동생 건들면 너희는 다 죽은 목숨이다

Amnesia, love triangles, and political intrigue, oh my!

Rosalite may be stuck in her younger brother’s tragic BL story, but all she has is work on her mind. In Volume II of the blockbuster hit Touch My Brother and You Die, the story takes a dive into political intrigue with the amnesiac magic instructor Sage Oswald acting as the head of a large-scale band of thieves in the Barony of Veloce. The problem? He’s completely forgotten about the Magic Tower and seems more interested in sticking close to Rosalite than returning to his former duties.

Meanwhile, Rosalite and Glen’s contractual relationship is all work and no play—especially for Glen as he takes on piles of work dumped on him by his lively paramour as the next Lord of Veloce. Rosalite seems oblivious to his stress, instead taking up the mantle of a diplomat in the distant country of Largole in the Alain Kingdom. Surely her crush on Largole’s third imperial prince has nothing to do with her decision to leave… or does it?