Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant

Volume II

폭군에게 차이는 10가지 방법
Gwijo Seo

Things are starting to get serious for Scarlett Arman as she helps Charlemagne turn over a new leaf and reconciles with her half-brother, Isar. Now, the only thing on the reformed villainess’ mind is petty revenge on her father, the Duke.

But darker forces have other plans for the would-be heroine, and after failing to sacrifice Isar to the demon god, they set their sights on her! Things become especially complicated with the transmigrator being flung into yet another story within a story, locked in a never-ending loop as a new character with an unnervingly similar story to Scarlett’s original timeline.

What secrets will be revealed as Scarlett traverses this new fictional world? And can Charlemagne and Isar rescue her from the dark mages who hold her in their clutches? All will be revealed in the second volume of Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant!

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