Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant

Volume I

폭군에게 차이는 10가지 방법
Gwijo Seo

The only way out of this marriage is to act crazy!

When a transmigrator wakes up in the body of the fictional villainess Scarlett Arman, a few things become abundantly clear: she is a minor character, destined to die like so many other antagonists in The Private Life of the Tyrant; her fiancé is the tyrant (and killer), and she has been transmigrated to a time period before the story has even started. Scarlett quickly realizes that her only chance to escape death is to get out of her betrothal and get rich on her own… but how to break off an engagement with a tyrant?

As Scarlett does everything that she can to show herself as unfit for marriage—from pouring wine all over her dress to singing an off-key love song to his face—little does she know that the tyrant has learned what she is up to… and is more endeared than before! Will Scarlett’s wish to be dumped come true, or will all of her plans backfire?

With fairy-luring fruit trees and a cast of hilarious characters, Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant is the perfect comedy of errors to add to your isekai romance collection.

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