The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor

Volume II

폭군에게 예의를 가르칩니다

“You may now kiss the bride.” As Livia and Croft’s contract marriage comes to a head, Prince Persilot’s dirty tricks complicate matters, forcing the Emperor to take Lilian as his second wife. However, not all is as it seems: when Livia learns that Lilian had just been forced into the role, she promises to protect her—but even Livia can’t protect her own swaying heart.

The rules of the magical oath are simple. The marriage must be dissolved within three days once one or the other falls in love. If the couple fails to do so, the mark on their wrists will kill them. So, when Livia gets swept up in her feelings towards Croft as she watches his kinder, emotional side, it activates the insignia. Now, the truth must be revealed.

Can a divorce really lead to a happy ending, or will Livia and Croft be left brokenhearted by misunderstanding? Find out in the second volume of The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor!

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