Are You Crazy?

Volume I


Could her past life change the fate of the empire forever?

In the heart of the capital, Shea Grande operates Sangria, a thriving café that attracts patrons from all corners of the Empire. As the Viscountess of the flourishing Grande territory in the West, Shea appears to have it all. Yet, she is tormented by the echoes of her past life’s tragic end and fragmented recollections. As Shea starts to piece together her memories, she finds herself drawn to Edward van Griffith, a high-ranking military official with close ties to the tyrant Emperor Eid Roux Vencroft. Before long, she becomes ensnared in the Vencroft family’s ancient curse and sinister secrets.

Against a backdrop where magic, curses, and political machinations run deep, Shea and Edward’s love story unfolds against an empire teetering on the edge of turmoil. Bound by her mysterious connection to the emperor—who schemes to keep the lovers apart—Shea must unravel the threads of her past and present, or risk losing everything she cherishes.

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