The Obsessed Hero and the Villainous Family’s Daughter

Volume III

악역가문의 막내딸에게 남주가 집착하면
Ou Heung

As the region quakes, baffled by the unexpected surge in monster activity, our birthday girl, Estella Kartina, is torn between celebration and concern.

While Rodrigo’s gestures deepen their bond, allegiances are tested following an anticipated banquet. Before the dust can settle, the border beckons, and a divine mission is thrust upon both the Kartinas and Erharts. As Estella showcases her combat prowess, dark secrets emerge, and questions arise about her beau’s magic.

Join us in the third installment of The Obsessed Hero and the Villainous Family’s Daughter as these star-crossed lovers navigate the treacherous waters of politics, alliances, and emotions.

(Rated PG-13)