The Emperor Reverses Time

Volume II

그 황제가 시곗바늘을 되돌린 사연
Blooming Bouquet

Elizabeth gradually finds herself feeling at home in the luxurious surroundings of the imperial palace. Her diaries detail tender exchanges of gifts, enchanting dances at opulent events, and a refreshing seaside retreat, all while her affection for Leonhardt deepens.

Meanwhile, Leonhardt grapples with the complexities of a future that is constantly shifting under his feet, dedicating himself to mastering his unique aura.

Thrilling sword battles against daring pirates and whimsical escapades fueled by magic color their days. However, they must also contend with the machinations of the avaricious Duke and Duchess. Join us as the love story of the future Emperor and Empress continues in the second installment of The Emperor Reverses Time.