Beloved by the Male Lead's Nephew

Volume I

남주의 조카가 나를 너무 좋아한다

Charlize Lienta's return to the capital with the young boy, Sasha, in tow is shrouded in mystery. Initially mistaken for her own child, Sasha's true identity is known only to Charlize: he is the long-lost imperial prince.

With memories of a past life guiding her, Charlize is determined to rectify old mistakes by reconnecting Sasha with his uncle, the formidable Archduke Calix Elluiden—the man she once loved.

Navigating the treacherous waters of court politics, however, proves more challenging than anticipated. Charlize finds herself allied with Irian LaFrance, the destined heroine of this tale, while confronting a web of shifting alliances and avoiding deadly threats lurking in the shadows.

As Charlize struggles to keep Sasha and Irian safe, the unraveling secrets and shifting loyalties force her to question her choices. Will her efforts stabilize the empire or hasten its collapse?

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