“Adventure, romance, intrigue and the otherworldly—find your next read with Editio Publishing, a new chapter for works-in-translation.”

Founder's Story

Editio Publishing was founded in 2021, to bridge a growing gender gap between Eastern and Western literature translations. We handpick our entire catalog, offering a selection of high-quality, authorized translations of popular fiction and light novels written with women in mind.

While we publish a wide array of compelling literature in many genres—including romance, drama, slice of life, adventure, and isekai (another world) fiction—our true aim is to showcase stories which are written for and about women.

Our Brand

Because our catalog is curated with this purpose in mind, readers can rest assured that any book they dive into is:

  • Feminist in its approach: We do not publish fiction in which toxic behaviour is glorified, or main leads are passive in their own fate.
  • Ethically sourced and produced: All of our novels are authorized, high-quality translations, and any localization or adaptation decisions are shared with the source publisher.

By joining the Editio community, you are supporting authors and illustrators from around the world who care about the impact their stories can have on readers. You are also ensuring future translations of compelling but unsung literature from Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and other Asian nations continue to be available and—most importantly—celebrated.

Our Culture

To read Editio is to read works which celebrate nuance, joy, adventure, compelling narratives and new perspectives from across the globe.

1. Mission

Editio Publishing celebrates—and makes accessible—empowering, unsung fiction for women from around the world.

2. Vision

We’re on a mission to bring compelling fiction for women from around the globe to the Anglosphere through authorized, high quality works-in-translation.

3. Values

Our book catalogue is deeply feminist in nature because we believe that good fiction does not need to be problematic. Additionally, our translations are legally authorized, and any localization or adaptation decisions are shared with the source publisher.