The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter Five

Croft sheathed his sword and wiped the sweat from his forehead as Livia swept into the training hall.

Seeing her for the first time, Malik couldn’t take his eyes away. Her elegant movements were just as Croft had described them. He followed her movements with his head, mumbling, “Whoa, Blake, look at that. The duke’s daughter. Is that even human?”

“Malik, you can’t call a young lady ‘that.’”

“No, I’m asking you if she’s even human. Forget it. I’ll ask directly.”

“Hey, Malik—wait!”

Malik ignored Blake and headed in Livia’s direction. She was walking toward the mannerless brute who’d ignored their lesson, but she stopped in surprise the moment she saw the shadow looming in front of her.

Malik was over two meters tall with massive proportions. It wasn’t unreasonable that she should mistake him for a bear or a monster from far away, especially given the long, frightening scar running across his face. She might’ve screamed, if not for her impeccable manners.

He’s huge, seriously huge. Is he even human? Maybe not.

Malik, who had no idea what she thought about him, was happy to have finally met a lady who didn’t scream and run the moment she saw him, as all the maids had so far. Livia’s cobalt-blue eyes sparkled like gems. Even standing still, she exuded grace.

So this is what people mean by elegance.Malik smiled as he thought of the word he wasn’t aware he knew. Croft had never been interested in women, and they had all naturally wondered what type of person he would fall in love with at first sight. I knew it. She’s a heavenly beauty—and gutsy, to boot. He swelled with pride at his captain’s taste.

“Err, my lady,” he barked.

Livia startled. His voice was as loud as nine roaring trains. She was confused if this monster-like man was a danger to her or not.

Malik lowered his head and greeted her gently. “Hello.”

“Hi.” She nodded slightly.

Charmed by her plain yet gracious manners and elegant bearing, he smiled once again. “I’m Malik from the Eastern Frontier. I followed my captain here.”

“You must be one of the knights who came with His Royal Highness. I am Livia Blanche.”

Her voice was clear, her tone gentle, and her accent song-like to Malik’s ears. He’d never heard a voice like hers at the Eastern Frontier, where people cursed half the time.

He chuckled and scratched his head. “I’m not a knight. I simply follow my captain. Please don’t speak so formally to me.”

Although his voice made her ears ring, he was nicer than he seemed. Livia smiled. “If you are a subject of His Highness, then you are a knight, Sir Malik.”

The duke’s artful, gorgeous daughter had addressed him in a way he’d never been addressed before. Malik’s face burned with joy.

Croft, on the other hand, wasn’t so happy. Livia had punched and kicked him when they met. Now that she was smiling and speaking kindly with Malik, he wasn’t sure whether he should feel grateful or jealous.

It was complicated.

Croft shoved Malik’s huge body out of his way. “My lady.”

Livia didn’t reply. It was clear he’d forgotten their appointment while sparring with his knights instead. His half-open shirt, distastefully soaked with sweat, somehow suited him well. This was the first time she’d seen him standing, and he was taller than she thought. The sweaty shirt stuck to his body, revealing strong muscles. Regardless of his personality, he is the protagonist of this novel indeed.

Contrasting his handsome appearance with his unpleasant personality, she clucked her tongue in dejection, then bowed slightly. “Your Highness, have you been here the entire time?”

Croft seemed embarrassed as he looked at Livia’s fine forehead. He didn’t know how to reply.

She came here knowing that she would find me. Obviously, she’s not trying to confirm the facts. Therefore, she must be criticizing me for forgetting our appointment. The others might have not noticed, but he’d clearly heard her click her tongue. This woman is definitely mad at me.

He nodded curtly. “Yes.”

He turned and strode away with quick steps. He didn’t need the embarrassment of another assault in front of his knights.

Malik, slow-witted as he was, was awed and delighted by Livia’s grace and shouted after Croft for ignoring the woman who’d come to see him. “Huh, Captain—how can you walk away like this?” He chased after Croft with a voice so loud that everyone in the dukedom could hear. “Captain, are you being shy? Captain?”

Croft walked even faster. He couldn’t bear to say he was afraid she might hit him again.

Malik watched Croft walk away and came back to Livia, scratching his head. “Err, he’s usually a very shy—huh? What am I saying? That’s not true. He’s not normally like that.”

Covering for Croft wasn’t easy. He scratched his head again and struggled to find an excuse. “My lady, he must have something urgent to do.”

Livia smiled slightly. It was commendable that Malik was trying to cover for his captain, who’d run away from the woman who came to see him. “It seems so. In that case, I will see you later, Sir Malik.”

She bowed slightly and headed in the direction Croft had gone, walking as fast as she could.

Malik watched Livia sweep away gracefully. He tapped Blake’s back. “Isn’t she incredible?”

“Our captain is more incredible, in my opinion,” Blake replied. He looked worried. “Why is he acting like that?”

He said that he apologized to her and resolved the issue. Why on earth would he walk away from her like that? I thought he was interested in her. Is he still hurt by her rejection? Well, she seems like a nice person. I hope they’ll get along.

Blake clucked his tongue and twisted to Malik, who was still tapping his back. “Hey, that’s enough. You’re going to break my back!”

Chester, who had no interest in Blake and Malik, was still gazing after Livia and Croft with a smile.


Even though Livia followed Croft promptly, she couldn’t catch him.She was beyond upset. She simply couldn’t believe what had just happened. He hadn’t shown up to their appointment after all.

As she walked dejectedly toward the main building, Croft appeared in front of her. She glanced at him with her blue eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

Her sigh of frustration sounded like a laugh. “Ha.”

Looking at Croft’s shameless countenance, she felt stupid for coming all the way down here to meet him. Either apologize or make an excuse if you did something wrong. I don’t care about the stupid etiquette lessons. I don’t ever want to speak to that man.

She glared at him for a brief moment and sharply turned around.

Croft was flustered. He was ready to accept anything, be it a rebuke or even a punch, but she simply turned around. Instinct told him he shouldn’t let her leave like that.

“Wait, my lady.” He grabbed her wrist as she was turning.

Her body trembled at the touch, and she lost her balance and almost fell.

As she glared at Croft with those striking blue eyes, he became even more flustered. Right. She told me not to touch her without her permission.

He let her go instantly.

Livia tumbled to the ground. Unable to understand why she’d fallen, he grabbed her shoulders and lifted her like a toy.

Speechless and burning with anger, she coldly pushed his hands away, lifted her skirts, and kicked his shin mercilessly.

The sharp tip of her lady’s shoe, made of animal bone or metal to keep its shape, was exceptionally hard, yet Croft didn’t even flinch.

“Didn’t I tell you that you shouldn’t touch women without their permiss—” She bent over with annoyance. It hurt. Her toe hurt. What is this guy made of?

Croft, who’d been kicked, seemed completely fine. It was Livia who felt pain in the toe she’d kicked him with.



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