Touch My Brother and You Die — Chapter Five

I stirred five sugar cubes into a new cup of coffee. Hmm. I think these are enough reports for today. “I know it’s hard to accept, Rion, but I’m a busy person. I’ve got to deal with Dylan and demand the duke treat you better. Familiarize yourself with the maids once you return.” “Wait, Young […]

Touch My Brother and You Die — Chapter Four

Even now, Dame Aster probably had on a random pair of boxer shorts that she grabbed off the clothesline, belonging to who knows which brother. And honestly, boxers were super comfortable, so I didn’t blame her. “I’m kneeling, Little Miss.” Oh, she’s kneeling. There was no need to delay any further. I remained seated and […]

Touch My Brother and You Die — Chapter Three

With a slew of thoughts running through my mind, I descended to the annex’s basement, then went further down another set of stairs, through a storage room door that led down a secret passageway, down more stairs that led me even further underground, and found myself standing in front of a securely locked door. I […]

Touch My Brother and You Die — Chapter Two

What was most important now was to keep Rion alive. If he found a good partner and lived past twenty, I could shut myself in the Magic Tower with my mentor and enjoy my exciting, magical life. Who would have thought I’d find my calling by falling into a novel? While training to increase my […]

Touch My Brother and You Die — Chapter One

In my first life, I was seriously clueless. It took me well over a year to recognize that I’d become Rosalite from the classic of all classics, Asterion of the Starry Blue Night. It was a boys’ love novel dripping with ridiculous drama, devastation, and, at times, outright crimes (of passion, allegedly). It took me […]

The Obsessed Hero and the Villainous Family’s Daughter — Chapter Five

As soon as I was left alone, some men approached me. For the sake of their lives, I slipped away and avoided them—looking for Rodrigo all the while. The banquet hall was quite large and bursting with people, but I was able to find him very quickly. He had black hair and red eyes, was […]

The Obsessed Hero and the Villainous Family’s Daughter — Chapter Four

Rattle. There’s nothing comfortable about riding a carriage. In other words…It sucks. The Kartina carriage was made by the empire’s foremost carriage maker. Everything, from the wheels to the smallest decorations, was expensive. Still, riding in it was so uncomfortable due to the recent rain that had left the roads uneven. The roads should have […]

The Obsessed Hero and the Villainous Family’s Daughter — Chapter Two

Boom! Fire erupted when the bomb I threw crashed against the wood of the small stable. Smoke rose high above the billowing flames. The destructive power of the bomb was incredible. Small, yes, but it sure packed a punch. I smiled in relief, thinking about the horses already safely escaped into the shelter of the […]

The Obsessed Hero and the Villainous Family’s Daughter — Chapter One

Tragedy struck all at once. I was only twenty-five when I died so suddenly, but just as suddenly—I was reincarnated. They say death and birth are inseparable, but I didn’t think both would happen so close together. It’s pointless to go on and on about how I died, how terrible my life had been, how […]

Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant — Chapter Five

His gaze might have been one of intellectual interest or just purely calculating. But all of those figurative phrases meant nothing when my eyes met his. It just feels… hazy. Amidst those thoughts, I shook my head, trying to snap out of it. No way. I am not going to be captivated by his looks. […]

The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter Five

Croft sheathed his sword and wiped the sweat from his forehead as Livia swept into the training hall. Seeing her for the first time, Malik couldn’t take his eyes away. Her elegant movements were just as Croft had described them. He followed her movements with his head, mumbling, “Whoa, Blake, look at that. The duke’s […]

The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan — Chapter Five

May coughed, abruptly breaking the awkward silence. He had been frozen as though he’d forgotten to breathe. “I’m sorry?” Aria asked. My shocking remark had stemmed the flow of her tears. It was cute to see her tilt her head in disbelief while blinking those big eyes of hers, but I couldn’t possibly smile. What […]

More Than You Know — Chapter Five

People in this household were generally the worst, but my mother still counted as one of the better ones. She often cursed and berated me, but she sometimes pitied me too. My father, on the other hand, was different. He did whatever he pleased, and no one in our family was allowed to oppose him. […]

More Than You Know — Chapter Four

That was what Shuell’s father, Kendrick, had said the day before his death. Shuell’s parents would pass away on his birthday. “Shu!” “Yes?” Shuell looked up from the window he was doodling on with his fingers. His eyes sparkled pink. The boy never listened when it came to putting the potion in his eyes to […]

More Than You Know — Chapter Three

I gasped, startled out of my wits, which surprised Shuell, who took a few steps back and stared at me with his jaw to the floor. Before I could react, he stepped even farther away. His big eyes darted from here to there, and he blinked slowly. I took a deep breath and carefully sat […]

More Than You Know — Chapter Two

I slowly made my way across and sat on the bed. I could still see Shuell as clear as day, crouched as he was. His whole body shook, as if he were contemplating running away. “Hi.” Everything started with a greeting. “I’m Arwen. You’re Shu, right?” He didn’t say a word, but his shoulders twitched. […]

More Than You Know — Chapter One

I must explain a few things before talking about the boy. Firstly, this world was set within a novel, and secondly, I had been reborn here. After nine years of living in this world, I had become used to the rebirth thing. Still, I’d only just realized that all this was happening inside a novel, […]

More Than You Know — Prologue

I was currently facing what could easily be the worst crisis of my life. “Oh, Arwen,” my mother said, clicking her tongue in disapproval. “How long are you going to stay in this smelly old place?” Even as she pulled me along, I couldn’t take my eyes off him, the slender, trembling little boy being […]

Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant — Chapter Four

The reason was that he had become impotent. Besides, he hated the late duchess and Scarlett Arman. That was enough for him to bring the two people into the family. What a complete— It was beyond my understanding. Staring at the duchess, I shook my head to myself. Duchess Millia Arman had endured humiliation for […]

Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant — Chapter Three

Duke Arman and the duchess, who had been waiting in the carriage, glared daggers at me. My—or should I say, Scarlett’s—half-brother’s mouth was slightly agape. Isar Arman was Scarlett’s older half-brother. They used to be just like any other siblings, arguing all the time but still close enough. However, time had made them grow apart. […]

Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant — Chapter Two

An engagement with the emperor was sealed with a magically binding contract. That meant there were only two ways to end it—death or mutual agreement. Which is why I really need his consent. Since I couldn’t just ask him to break the engagement, I decided to repulse him by acting crazy. And not just once! […]

Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant — Chapter One

Kalior’s emperor was a tyrant. He rose to the throne at the age of seventeen after murdering the former emperor, empress, and all his brothers. It was said that the bodies of the men who were exploited under his cruel reign could fill rivers. He also happened to be this world’s male lead. The Korean […]

The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter Four

There was a long silence in the dining hall. Livia couldn’t find the right words to answer Croft. The maids and servants tried to read the air but couldn’t be sure if it was the right time to serve the food. Finally, after studying Croft, Livia reached a conclusion: He had surely lost his mind. […]

The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter Three

After the unforgettable meeting with Livia, Croft sat crookedly on the sofa looking through the endless piles of papers the duke had asked him to memorize before he ascended the throne. But he couldn’t focus at all. He shook his head to get rid of the memory of the young woman’s impressive uppercut, but he […]

The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter Two

With only one week before Croft would relocate to the Imperial Palace, Livia was confident she could find a way to be fired from the tutoring position. After all, seven days was more than enough time to douse even the most passionate romance. She was sure she could make this maniac hate her in that […]

The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan — Chapter Four

As I headed toward Ashley, a man stepped in front of me, blushing all the way to his ears. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lady Bell.” “Yes, my lord.” What came out of my mouth was cold and unenthusiastic. Nevertheless, he didn’t give up. “You are truly as beautiful as they say. I—may I […]

The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan — Chapter Three

“Boring,” I muttered after walking about halfway across the immense hall. For once, my lips did not twist my words—it was boring! What did Mary Bell do at parties in the novel? If I recalled correctly, she had several followers who always accompanied her at these events. Just as that thought came to mind, a […]

The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan — Chapter Two

I kept trying to speak politely to the mirror all day, but my attempts were foiled every time by my disobedient lips. I woke up the next morning with nothing to show for my efforts, and I absolutely did not want to get out of bed. I sat up and let the time pass, sighing […]

The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan — Chapter One

All I wanted was a quiet and peaceful life—not the glamorous life of a heroine, or to be loved by everyone. I just wanted a happy, sheltered life as a nobleman’s daughter. I didn’t want to get involved with the crown prince, either, if I could help it. You should at least pretend to get […]

The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter One

“Ha.” Livia sighed deeply, gazing at her reflection. The young woman in the mirror, who had stunning blond hair and brilliant cobalt-blue eyes, sighed as well. A week had passed since Livia had first seen this reflection, but she still wasn’t accustomed to it: Livia Blanche, the sole daughter of Duke Blanche. Her beauty was […]