Touch My Brother and You Die: Volume III

Negotiations are heated preceding Rosalite Roxburg’s departure to the kingdom of Largole, and it’s all about who holds the purse strings. As the Duke’s daughter fights for the other Ducal households to contribute to the funds for her journey, House Edanelli makes an offer all find hard to refuse.

Sir Oswald, meanwhile, grows more and more attached to Rosalite, to the point that our heroine begins commiserating with him more than her own father, putting Oswald in Duke Roxburg’s thorny sights. But this is a mere appetizer to the trouble awaiting Rosalite upon arrival in Largole: with the timeline for the novel’s original apocalypse escalated, she finds herself out of time for frivolous encounters with the fourth prince.

Meanwhile, Glen, whose safety in the canon Rosalite has taken for granted, finds himself face-to-face with his manipulative mother, Lady Melissa Diamont. Will Rosalite make it back in time to rescue Glen, or will the machinations of the story finally catch up with her? Find out in Volume III of Touch My Brother and You Die!

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