The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan: Volume II

The stage is set for Aria to sing, but all eyes are on… Mary Bell?!

The second volume of The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan returns to the world of Beautiful Melody, but the plot is all in tangles. Male leads, written to love Aria, can’t seem to get the much-changed Mary Bell out of their minds. Between her estranged fiancé Ethen trying to win her back, Vante growing intrigued by her new green aura, and even Aria’s fated lover, Edville, is gazing in a new direction!

If that wasn’t enough, Mary Bell also must contend with new revelations about her father, the relationship she was hoping to salvage, and Aria’s own trials and tribulations as a budding popstar in a world where none have ever existed.

Will Mary Bell and Aria be able to pull through? And will these male leads ever make up their minds?

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