The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter Four

Chapter Four There was a long silence in the dining hall. Livia couldn’t find the right words to answer Croft. The maids and servants tried to read the air but couldn’t be sure if it was the right time to serve the food. Finally, after studying Croft, Livia reached a conclusion: He had surely lost […]

The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter Three

Chapter Three After the unforgettable meeting with Livia, Croft sat crookedly on the sofa looking through the endless piles of papers the duke had asked him to memorize before he ascended the throne. But he couldn’t focus at all. He shook his head to get rid of the memory of the young woman’s impressive uppercut, […]

The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter Two

Chapter Two With only one week before Croft would relocate to the Imperial Palace, Livia was confident she could find a way to be fired from the tutoring position. After all, seven days was more than enough time to douse even the most passionate romance. She was sure she could make this maniac hate her […]

The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan — Chapter Four

Chapter Four As I headed toward Ashley, a man stepped in front of me, blushing all the way to his ears. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lady Bell.” “Yes, my lord.” What came out of my mouth was cold and unenthusiastic. Nevertheless, he didn’t give up. “You are truly as beautiful as they say. […]

The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan — Chapter Three

Chapter Three “Boring,” I muttered after walking about halfway across the immense hall. For once, my lips did not twist my words—it was boring! What did Mary Bell do at parties in the novel? If I recalled correctly, she had several followers who always accompanied her at these events. Just as that thought came to […]

The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan — Chapter Two

Chapter Two I kept trying to speak politely to the mirror all day, but my attempts were foiled every time by my disobedient lips. I woke up the next morning with nothing to show for my efforts, and I absolutely did not want to get out of bed. I sat up and let the time […]

The Villainess is the Heroine’s Biggest Fan — Chapter One

Chapter One All I wanted was a quiet and peaceful life—not the glamorous life of a heroine, or to be loved by everyone. I just wanted a happy, sheltered life as a nobleman’s daughter. I didn’t want to get involved with the crown prince, either, if I could help it. You should at least pretend […]

The Tyrant’s Etiquette Tutor — Chapter One

Chapter One “Ha.” Livia sighed deeply, gazing at her reflection. The young woman in the mirror, who had stunning blond hair and brilliant cobalt-blue eyes, sighed as well. A week had passed since Livia had first seen this reflection, but she still wasn’t accustomed to it: Livia Blanche, the sole daughter of Duke Blanche. Her […]